What You Need to Know About Gravestones

Gravestones are markers placed at the head of a grave. The markers are used to identify who is buried in a cemetery. In addition, they state the name of the person who died, images, a quote (epitaph), and the dates of birth and death. Gravestones come in multiple styles, such as bevel markers, flat markers, monuments, slant markers, and ledgers.

Read on and learn about the different features of gravestones, where to purchase them, and their costs.

Gravestones Features

Most gravestones are generally made of bronze, granite, or a combination of the two. These markers range in colour from pink to grays to brown and black. Engraving is usually available in a variety of styles and typefaces. The monument gravestones come in multiple styles and shapes, ranging from elaborate sculptures to traditional rectangles. The flat markers come with a built-in flower vase.

Where to Purchase Gravestones

Gravestones can be purchased from funeral homes, online retailers, cemeteries, or third-party retailers. However, some cemeteries charge a fee when mourners install a headstone purchased somewhere else. It’s therefore essential to consult with the cemeteries management and learn their policies.

Gravestones Cost

Often, the price of gravestones is calculated by weight. Therefore, more significant markers tend to be expensive. The cost of a headstone does not include additional features such as images, engraving, or adding a photo. If you’re purchasing a gravestone from an online retailer or a third party, the price may be pretty high because of the shipping costs.

Rules and Requirements

Cemeteries have rules and requirements around the types of markers they allow, including the features, size, and style. Before purchasing a gravestone, consider finding out the regulations enacted by the cemetery you are working with.

Bottom Line

Purchasing a gravestone is the final step you take when burying your loved one. The process requires a set of family input, research, budget, and comparison-shipping. However, the final decision lies with you. Therefore, it’s advisable to ask the right questions and select the right firm to make the stone you want.