About brewing

There are many elements to take into consideration when making this perfect shot, and we run you through our own technique to help you do the same.

• Measured Dose – The recommended dose of coffee for a single espresso is between 7-9 grams of Arabica coffee beans. This can be increased to 14-18 grams for those who like a stronger taste or require a double espresso to start their day. It is also known that a better quality bean will mean an enhanced coffee crema with your espresso.

• Finely Ground Coffee – Ensuring the coffee you use is finely ground is an absolute must when making your perfect espresso, as it will ensure the taste and aroma is at its best. Only about 20% of the coffee will be extracted when pouring out alongside the water, and fresh coffee should always be used if you’re looking to make another shot.

• Brewing Time- Look to ensure that the espresso brews for no longer than 30 seconds and look to keep as close to this mark as possible. This is an important and sometimes overlooked step.

• Use a quality coffee machine- There are plenty of high quality bean to cup coffee machines on the market, all of which can be used to make a great cup of coffee. These coffee machines come highly recommended as they will ensure you use the exact amount of water pressure needed and will ensure the temperature is just right for your espresso.

• Softened Water- By using softened water to create your espresso you will help to not only extend the life of your bean to cup coffee machine, but you will also ensure a high standard of coffee every time you make an espresso.

• Heated Water- 1oz of water is considered the recommended amount for a perfect espresso, this varies from person to person and you may wish to add a little more or reduce the amount of water; this will slightly impact the strength of the coffee of course.

• Water Temperature – The perfect water temperature you want is between 195-200 degrees F. All decent machines will ensure that your espresso is created at this temperature which will help you to enjoy the coffee you love, time and time again.

• Don’t let it Sit- Once you have poured your espresso, you want to drink it relatively quickly so you can enjoy it at its best. If you leave it too long, the temperature will drop, your drink will lose its flavour and you will also start to lose some of the coffee cream.

• Practise- Finally, as you will know everything takes practice and that’s the same for making good coffee.Take the time to use your coffee machine and keep practising by making yourself espressos until you can confidently say you make the best in the land. From then on you will be able to enjoy your favourite hot drink day after day.

For all you hard core coffee lovers out there, here is the best guide you will ever find on how to make the perfect cup of espresso, but why practise when you can purchase a fully automated Bean to Cup Coffee Machines and get a fully aromatic and great tasting cup of coffee every time. Ideal for your office so you can have great tasting espressos both at home and at work.